JOpenPGPCard: A pure Java driver for the OpenPGP Card

Java OpenPGP Card Driver is a Java driver implementing the OpenPGP Card specs. It doesn't require any additional library nor any PKCS11 module, just needs a clean Java Runtime.

Java OpenPGP Card Driver is a Java™ driver for the OpenPGP Card *.

LogoIt's build on top of javax.smartcardio APIs, so it doesn't require any additional library nor any PKCS11 module (since it bypasses PKCS11 layers and rawly communicates with the card) so it just needs a clean Java™ Runtime 1.6 (or greater) installation. In a few words, it allows to access the OpenPGP Card everywhere... without pre-installing libraries or additional frameworks. Just a a smart card reader is required (reader drivers must be installaed, of course) and a Java™ runtime.

* The OpenPGP Card is a flexible (and with open specs) security smart card. It allows up 3 RSA keys to be stored, which can be used to Encrypt, Decrypt and Authenticate identity without using annoyng and unsecure passwords.


Compiled driver + documentation
Includes the compiled .jar file of the driver and the Javadoc documentation for development.

SVN tree on SourceForge

Related sub-projects

JOpenPGP Card Editor

OpenPGP Card Editor screenshot It is a graphical utility that allows to manage your OpenPGP Card (see it like a _gpg --card-edit alternative), extract public keys, generate new keys, import private keys and manage data.
Download binaries
Download source code

A Sample Public Key Authentication Infrastructure.

A tutorial shows how to exploit the Java OpenPGP Card Driver in order to realize a simple but working Public Key Authentication Infrastructure based on the OpenPGP Card and Enterprise Java Beans™ 3 technology.

Download the Tutorial
Download the source code

OpenPGP Card OpenID Server Endpoint

This is a concept service that shows how the OpenPGP driver could be used to build an OpenID infrastructure.
The service is experimental, but if you're a brave OpenPGP Card owner (with a bit of experience, of course) it can help setup an operational OpenID server endpoint which uses the OpenPGP card to identify its users.
The service requires a traditional AMP (Apache + MySQL + PHP) setup.
The sources of the OpenID endpoint (including the login applet) are available for download here.


The applications are released under the terms of the GNU GPL