sASM-Editor: Smart ASM Editor for Microchip PIC18

SAsmE is an open-source, cross-platform lightweighted ASM editor for Microchip PIC18 MCUs dedicated to ASM developers.

sASM-Editor (formerly Smart ASM Editor) is an open-source, cross-platform lightweighted ASM editor for Microchip PIC18 microcontrollers dedicated to ASM developers.

Screenshot sASM-Editor is not just an editor. It comes with a special feature: an instantaneous source-code translation engine (and syntax highlighting).

How the translation engine works? You know, one of the worst points of assembly language (in general, but Microchip PIC18 asm in particular) is not the expressive power itself, rather its (ugly) syntax.
It's quite common to get lost in a few lines of movlw, movwf, movf, etc..., especially if source code is not well commented.
Here comes the sASM-Editor: when you feel lost, just press the magic "Control+Space" key combination, and in a few seconds the brain-struggling assembly code will be translated into a more human readable pseudo-code.

An example:
Just consider this ugly piece of code:

movwf bl_counter2,A
movwf FSR0H,A
clrf FSR0L,A

Got lost? no problems, just press "Control+Space" and SAsmE will translate it into:

bl_counter2 = W {A} 
FSR0H = W {A} 
FSR0L = 0 {A}

Absolutely more readable, isn't it?


Installer for Windows
The installation package containing the application binary and the required (QT) libraries.

Compiled binaries for Linux
Compiled binaries for Linux (requires qt4 libs).

Source tarball. Requires qt4-dev headers and qmake for compiling in Windows or Linux.


The applications are released under the terms of the GNU GPL